Sona Jeswani

UC Berkeley Student. Developer. Researcher. Innovator

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My Research

Research with Berkeley Graduate School of Information

I worked on a project uses geocoded Twitter data and machine learning algorithms to predict peaceful and violent protest activity in the Bay Area and beyond.

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More Research with Berkeley Graduate School of Information

I worked on another project that identifies violence in the Bible and the Quran. This project involves Python scripting, classification of different types of violence, and training Naive Bayes classifiers.

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Research with Berkeley Institute of Data Science

I contributed to a time series analytics platform called Cesium. In addition to learning more about machine learning, I helped develop comprehensive application walkthroughs using React and Redux.

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GroupIt is an iOS app to foster collaboration between students. It is intended to help users form spontaneous study groups with other students in their proximity. Released to Apple Store in February 2016.

Text Editor

I designed and developed a text editor from scratch using a variety of data structures. Features include insertion, deletion, clicking, word wrapping, undo/redo etc. Completed in March 2016

Bear Maps

I wrote the back end of this web mapping application that assembles images based on resolution, supports zoom, and finds shortest paths between two locations. Completed in April 2016.

This Website!

You're viewing one of my projects right now. This website was built using HTML/CSS, with the help of bootstrap. I'm hoping to learn more about web development. Launched in May 2016.

Awards and Accomplishments

Google Summer Internship - 2017

Recieved and accepted an offer to join Google as an Engineering Practicum Intern.

Microsoft Tuition Scholarship - 2016

Awarded to students for their demonstrated passion for technology, academic excellence and leadership.

Google Grace Hopper Travel Grant - 2016

Sponsored by Google to attend the 2016 Grace Hopper Conference in Houston.

UC Berkeley Leadership Award/Scholarship - 2015

Recognizes undergraduate students at UC Berkeley who demonstrate innovative, initiative-driven leadership impacting their academic, work, or community environment.

Speech and Debate National Qualifier in Congressional Debate - 2015

Placed 4th out of 50+ students at a regional NCFL tournament. My performance earned me a spot of the National NCFL Tournament in Florida.

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